We specialize in using Network Techologies and the best of Open Source Software to solve complex business problems. The future of software technology lies in Open Software, where the source code for the entire system is readily available for inspection, review, and/or change.

On all platforms (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix), Open Source Software is the way to use a system properly - lessened risk of viral payloads, flexibility not found with commercial software, and, most importantly, better support.

As Integrators, we also develop and install custom applications, both online and in-house, such as inventory and product data acquisition for real time data management. We can track product at creation and throughout assembly, providing historical data on how a unit was produced, providing real-time inventory updates, as well as reduction of raw material usage. Using Open Source Software, we can also interface with many existing computer systems and software, using vendor agnostic hardware from multiple manufacturers to provide you with the best solution for an application.

Our technical expertise that goes above and beyond the resources typically found in an organization, and we would certainly appreciate any comments or requests, .. let us know! .

Open Tech Support Request

Almost all of the cell service providers in the current market subsidize the cost of phones with long-term contracts. We have signed up with a Sprint Network Service provider called Ting, that provides the lowest cost service on the best network! Check out the site to the right for more information - as a reward, there is a $25 credit for signing up!

Has the cost of Microsoft licenses rising to the point that options should be considered? We can build a Windows Application server on a Virtual Environment using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and provide the bst of both worlds - the flexibility, robustness, and security of a Linux Virtual Host (Dom0), and a Windows Guest (Dom*) that provides the application support with a Windows environment. It also allows running more than one Windows Application Server on the same hardware!

We can also replace expensive Windows Applications (Exchange, SQL Server) with robust, production-ready, Open Source options. Contact us for a complementry evaluation.


Has your company considered using better software for your servers? The Open Source community has a number of options available to provide extremely viable alternatives for critical business solutions! In fact, the most secure operating system in the world (OpenBSD) has just released a new version (4.6). Contact us for a complementry evaluation.
We also support Linux (SuSE & Debian) for desktop and workgroup server projects.

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