Virtualization - Virtualization - Has the cost of Microsoft licenses rising to the point that options should be considered? We can build a Windows Application server on a Virtual Environment using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and provide the bst of both worlds - the flexibility, robustness, and security of a Linux Virtual Host (Dom0), and a Windows Guest (Dom*) that provides the application support with a Windows environment. It also allows running more than one Windows Application Server on the same hardware!

Cellular Network - Almost all of the cell service providers in the current market subsidize the cost of phones with long-term contracts. We have signed up with a Sprint Network Service provider called Ting, that provides the lowest cost service on the best network!

Open Source Software and Solutions - We can assist your company in installing the best solutions for a number of business problems - servers, remote access, monitoring, VPN, virtualization - all based on Open Source Techniologies (Unix, Linux, et al). Better support, lower software cost, more flexibility, more robust software and performance.

Network Support for one PC to 100, our trained network technicians are available on call for telephone or on-site tasks.

Software Products have just been added to our offerings, as some of our projects have created software products that might be of use to others.

E-commerce solutions In addition to developing and hosting your web site, we can also provide a full range of secure connection, shopping cart, merchant processing solutions to make your e-commerce solution work the best for your company.



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