In solving problems for our clients, we have developed expertise in a number of technologies that could be of interest to your organization! Our clients have presented problems for us to solve from the obvious, .. to the not so obvious:

Internet Services

Network Integration


Product Development


Internet Services

Web Site Design A basic web site presents marketing information to the web enabled public, .. however it is much more effective to make sure visitors want to come back!
Web Site Visibility Once a web site is designed and published, the job of attracting users begins. We provide registration services to make sure a site is listed with over 500 search engines, and also assist with announcements and promotional efforts.
Content Development We can assist in developing the page content, but we can also assist with forms creation, mail lists, support newsgroups, and importing or linking to existing documents.
Database Integration In order to make a web page the most effective, it should be linked to an active database - orders, items, shipment status, . . .
Net Telephony Would it be beneficial to call or fax remote offices at no incremental cost? Allow remote access at no incremental cost? Establish teleconference links with anyone, worldwide, at no incremental cost? We can show you how!
Groupware/Intranet On the Internet, the concept of a newsgroups (the basis for Usenet) is a fundamental mechanism for asynchronous communication, and the foundation for Groupware. We can setup internal collaboration structures, information structures, mail systems, and system links.
Legacy System Integration Quite often, the integration of existing systems requires what is called connecting to a Legacy System (that which exists today). There are some significant tricks that we can provide!
Specialty Technologies

In order to provide technical services, we use products and systems from companies like:



Network Integration


Of how many Windows 95 versions were you aware? The original Win95 retail version (available as New Installation and Upgrade), Win95 Service Pack 1, and Win95 OSR1 (known as Win95B - Win97). In addition, Internet Explorer 4 has Active Desktop, the main revision scheduled for Win98.

Win95 is an excellent peer-to-peer network environment, capable of acting as both Client and Server for a small organization (up to 25 users).

We also teach courses on Windows 95 (all versions).

WindowsNT The new version of Windows NT, 4.0, now has the same updated user interface as Win95. It's only missing Plug-n-Play, Device Manager, and Profile Management (we'll have to wait for NT5 for that)! We use NT Server for many of our client's projects with larger workgroups, and NT Workstation for those users having special needs (for example, CAD/CAM).
Novell and UNIX Many existing systems use other servers, and the applications running upon them can be very costly to convert to the standard Client/Server. We can show how to integrate these environments with Win95, and the current applications in the Windows environment.
Remote Networking Are there remote users that should have assess to the main systems? Remote offices? How about no incremental cost for a connection?
Imaging One of the core technologies we supply is the ability to add images to almost any application environment. We have developed applications from simple Purchase Order Tracking to Diagnostic Imaging / Telemedicine for clients in the past.
Teleconferencing In times past, it literally cost a fortune to establish a teleconference, using very expensive equipment. With some more modern choices, and a minimum ISDN connection, a very usable link can be established with no incremental cost!


Product Development


Creating a presentation with actual video (and audio) of a product demonstration, then presenting it on a notebook for a client, .. running a professional-quality presentation at a trade show, .. adding video or audio to an overhead presentation, ..

All of these are examples of Multimedia applications - give us a call and we'll tell you how to best apply this technology to your organization.

CD-ROM Publishing

Imaging reproducing a 1000 page product manual for $.50 a copy for quantity 1000, or $2.50 for quantity 10! Hundreds of megabytes of information can be replicated for comical rates, if the job is done correctly.

Custom Hardware Configurations

Creating that special, one-of-a-kind PC is a specialty that we must provide for many clients - some applications just are beyond the typical purchased computer system.

We can also service any brand machine (subject to parts availability if an older or name brand).

Barcoding Systems

Would it be beneficial to create a product label with hundreds of bytes of information (e.g. serial number, manufacturing date, lot number), and have that data available at any point in the future, right on the product?

Creating a barcode label for a product can provide this solution - be sure to ask about a label for a product stored in a freezer!

We have also created custom systems - production line labeling software for ink-jet and label print-and-apply.

Bar Code Data Collection When using barcodes, it is often required that inventory or transactions be accomplished without direct connection to the host system. We can provide solutions for handheld data collection, roving data collection (vehicle mount), and in either batch or real-time RF configurations.
Embedded Microcontrollers In some projects, we have to create a widget when it is more cost effective (or just simply to make it happen) - we have a specialist that will create a custom microcontroller to your specifications, at a very reasonable cost.
Software Development C, C++, Java, JavaScript, CGI, Perl, some PowerBuilder and Visual Basic